Saturday, February 25, 2012

26 Feb. 2012 - Some photos of previous fun.

Photos from our albums of other adventures.

Climbing the First Flatiron in April 2007.
Charles & Christo climbing the First Flatiron in April 2007.

Charles & Christo in Belize in Summer 2007 

Christo, Sean, and Charles heading up Mt. Massive in Colorado (w/ Matt) in 2007.

 The three of us rock climbing in 2008.

Yurt camping in 2008.

Here's Christo paragliding near Zermatt, Switzerland in 2008.

Christo and Charles

On the Arkansas River (before Whitewater Rafting) in 2008.

Climbing Mt. Princeton in Colorado in 2009.

Climbing the Crestones in 2009 (with AJ Carrillo and Matt Holmes).

Backpacking Great Sand Dunes National Park in 2009.

At the Dunes.

Sean, Christo, and Charles heading up the First Flatiron in 2010.

Post Rock climbing in 2010

The Colorado Trail in 2011.

And more on the Colorado Trail Summer 2011.

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