Friday, March 30, 2012

30 March - beta testing

iPhone entry by Charles. We are still beta testing this - today it's battery suckage. Do we need a backup battery? We don't intend to check news or be online all that much. Mostly just journal entries and the occasional bill to pay. So how much juice do we need?

Composing our journal entries offline plus keeping the battery draining features off seems to work well.

So much accomplished yesterday: movers, cleaners, carpet cleaners, window washers, banking arranged, and a shit-load of boxes packed.

Meanwhile there are all the instrux for the marvelous friend who will be managing our mail.

No hiking the last few days as we pack. Next week we have much else to do but can maybe get some packing and hiking in.

It remains warm and breezy here with heaps of pollen. Natch, I have a touch of bronchitis.

Here are some photos of today's tasks.

We are working on food packing.

In the middle of this mess (moving).

PS. With the new iPhone 4S, and this minimal journal entry composed offline first, then cut and pasted into BlogPress + uploading via wobbly cellphone coverage (at 3 bars, and not our WiFi) + paying one bill online, I used about 15% of the battery. That really means six journal entries this short -- or maybe four longer ones. Now, to bring a backup battery or not?

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