Tuesday, April 24, 2012

22 April, Day 2 - Up into the higher chaparral

Lake Morena to Cibbet's Campground on Kitchen Creek
Mile 21 to Mile 33.
12 Trail Miles.

Charles here. Shorter day today. We planned it this way. My blisters are worse. More journaling to come. It's nuts how much there is to do. No time to journal.

What a pleasure Cottonwood Creek was. We drank and bathed and cooled off. Our chum, Thomas ("Rattlebee") from Berlin hiked most of the day with us.

In Cottonwood Creek
Chris among the flowers called "gold fields."

Charles with blooming gold fields behind.

Then we hiked up higher and higher into the chaparral, until we were seeing Steller's Jays and big live oaks.

That's the campground below.
Here we turned aside and camped at Cibbet's, a campground on a creek off trail a bit. My blisters are pretty bad, and I feel bad that I'm holding everyone back from our goal of more miles. arrggh.

Cooking up dinner under live oaks. 

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