Sunday, April 29, 2012

26, 27, 28, 29 April - Zero days

Charles here.

We catch a ride from the Scissors Crossing highway bridge overpass with the fab trail angel Symbiosis to attend the several-day gathering of current and past PCT hikers -- thru-hikers and section hikers -- as well as Trail Angels. This is the "Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off" or "ADZPCTKO" for short.

Here I spend time getting my feet to heal. Sean and Chris are hale & hearty and having a great time. Chris ends up taking me to events piggyback since walking is so difficult for me. Soon, strangers are coming up to me from out of the blue and asking, "Are you the one with the terrible blisters who made it as far as Scissors Crossing?"

We see our beloved trail angels and section hikers Jan and James, as well as our equally adored Frodo, and we get to meet her husband, Scout (a great guy who, unbeknownst to any of us, is the Board Chair of the Pacific Crest Trail Association).

"Dr. Sole" operating on Charles's feet at the ADZPCTKO
Sean and Christo in our Kick Off campsite.
Wild turkeys wander past the tents ... clearly unconcerned that Tom of Kennedy Meadows is smoking turkeys nearby ...
The Gay Caballeros. As it happened, Freebird, a thruhiker we would see over and over throughout the coming five months, and even finish on the same day with, was one of our campsite neighbors, and he took this photo.

Charles practices walking trying out various insoles. Chris isn't hopeful.
Hungry hikers lined up for dinner. Photo by The Donald, intrepid and speedy thru-hiker who was even older than Charles. We came to know him later.
Here's the PCT Class of 2012 (not counting the ones who are already on the trail or arriving later)

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