Sunday, May 13, 2012

12 & 13 May -- Day 22 & 23 -- Big Bear Big Zeros

Big Bear Hostel, Big Bear Lake, California. Zero Trail Miles.

Charles here.

Oh how sweet to wake up without having spent the night fighting the aches & pains. Glorious.

Charles at the Big Bear Hostel

 But the 12th is so full of getting resupply boxes opened and sorted through, bounce box opened and sorted through, boxes assembled to send forward to ourselves or to send back to Boulder (to be sent back to us later), gear to jettison, other gear to consider, and groceries to buy to resupply us between now and our next grocery store (which will be at Wrightwood), --- that with all this running about and working, we really don't feel particularly rested. Sean's uncomplaining -- but his leg is visibly swollen. He is quite clear that he feels no pain in the shins (which is good). But I think his having another day -- one that's truly restful restful -- and having ice packs on the leg -- can only help. Chris's ankles have unaccountably swollen, too, a source of nonplussed amusement to him.

Our German friends, Tina and Louise arrive on Saturday -- they'll be leaving Sunday. We have a happy reunion. 

Sean gets care packages from his parents that include fabulous local made sausages and Peggy's home made cookies.

Sean about to demolish his mother's cookies.

Sean pigs out on them and is dreamily dozy when Chris and I try to get him to come out to dinner. He props up his leg and says happily that he'll pass. So Chris and I stroll over to the village and find a place that serves spaghetti. [Note* A constant source of trail food fantasy for Chris and me has been spaghetti bolognese.It appears to be our ultimate comfort food. But we also want salad. So we find a place that serves us both -- but we start the meal with Shock Top Hefeweizen with orange slices. YUMMMMM. That's what we had a million years ago at the Paradise Valley Cafe on the PCT. Wow!

Home again.

Next day we eat, we chat, we work on getting our online journal caught up. We laugh, we drink tequila, we have more food -- we meet and get to know more thru-hikers. Sean gets more care packages from his sisters and nephews. We share the booty with our fellow thru hikers (the large hostel has filled with them). 

We'll set forth righteous and rested on Monday -- on through the San Bernadinos westwards into the San Gabriels around Los Angeles. Although there are 20 million people living in this part of the world, we see few of them -- almost none. The wilderness is still holding out on the PCT. This is a treasure to be cared for and protected.

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  1. Enjoying the trip along with you! Vicarious tramping on a comfortable chair.