Friday, May 25, 2012

25 May - Day 35 - Casa de Luna

Trail Miles: zero

Pan (Charles) here.

Today is a day of R&R.

Good morning, Seano -- or "Sidekick"! It's COLD outside the tent -- and it's been raining].

We have our official trail names now. Yay. I'm Pan, Chris of course has been Dionysus for awhile, and Sean is Sidekick. We also have the group name of "The Caballeros" ~

Sidekick (Sean) and Dionysus (Chris) in the "Hippie Daycare" Wonderland of Casa de Luna.

Another of Sidekick and Dionysus
 A cool front moved in last night and we had rain - our first since Scissors Crossing weeks ago.

Big pancake breakfast in the morning. It's cold! About 34° F. Geez.

Dionysus, next to 3Bears and Dirty Brown. On the left, Seano's feet.

Pan and Seano telling stories. [Photo courtesy of Freebird].
Lunch we had at the local cafe with other thru-hikers -- such as Rapunzel & Tina who night-hiked thru the rain and mist to arrive in the morning. Wow (we do find we say "wow" a lot).

Word reached us at he cafe that our friend Mouse from Boulder had caught up and was waiting at the house. Happy reunion! He started the trail about May 11 and has already covered 478 miles in two weeks. He's the fastest person on the trail.

Dirty Brown with Mama T. In the back are other thru-hikers lounging around the driveway. Mouse and Pan and Dionysus are sitting in front of the Casa de Luna sign visiting with The Donald. [Photo courtesy of Dirty Brown].

The official photo by Joe & Terri Anderson of some of us (the house was thronged with thru-hikers). This photo is, of course, taken right when Terri makes us smile (not by saying "cheese," but by revealing to us her magnificent "Luna"). I don't recall the names of the other hikers, except for Siddhartha in the green jacket.
Seano, Mouse, Mama T, Pan, and Dionysus by the Casa de Luna sign. Terri has both Mouse and me by the ass to make sure we smile. I shortly after retaliated in cheerful kind ... biting her blouse.

Great evening visiting with him and our other friends, including the fabulous "Mama T.

We had the Casa de Luna specialité de la maison -- taco salad. Yum!

Mama T in her dazzling jaguar-skin robe, and dyed Mohawk. [Photo courtesy of Dirty Brown.]

That night, as it began to rain, most of us just threw comforters over ourselves and kept on with the festivities. Here is Pan with Rapunzel and Mouse. (Mouse, by the way, will end up this year being the fastest hiker on the trail).
[Photo courtesy of 3Bears].

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