Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hi, SeAn here ... All I-Thumbs ...

My first blog entry. There is something patently absurd about hiking long distances in this day, age, and Zoom-zoom culture. But hang out long enough with enough crazy thru-hikers, trAil angels, and other fans of Don Quixote and you can catch the craziness.

We three had already gone 'round the bend, drank the Kool-aid, gone splashing across the shallow end of absurd puddles that we didn't have far to stumble. But this past three days among fellow PCTers was a strong dose of why people--crazy or not--go on pilgrimage. Because that is what this is. "Solvitur ambulando" was the phrase the organizers of this year's ADZPCTKO wore on their t-shirts: "it is solved by walking." I'm not gnawing on anything personal these days that needs resolving, bit I guess it's not an awful thing to go on pilgrimage before life's sharper edges force us onto the trail.
Before I completely murder that theme I 'd like to pay some gratitude out to my people...
To Mom for keeping the worst of her fears under her cap and doing such a great job at reinforcing the crotch on my hiking pants.
To Dad for the foot cream that has given me plenty-tough Hobbit feet.
To both of you for the genetics that are holding up surprisingly well, jock-itch excepted.
To Dortha for cheering us on through good times and sad times.
To Scott and Di who helped us get out the door in more ways than one.
To Doc for his encouragement and the applewood walking stick made from the fallen at Journey's End.
And to Sharon for the hat, the support, the lucky stones, and your loving heart.

I love you all.

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