Saturday, May 26, 2012

26 May - Day 36 - Winding around the ends of the Transverse Range

From San Franciscito Canyon Rd (Mile 478.6) to a knoll above Horse Trail Camp on Saw Mill Mtn (Mile 508.6)

Total Trail Miles: 30

We crossed the 500 milestone today hiking with Mouse who slowed his epic 35- to 38-mile days to be with us and chat. The combination of really cool weather, a gentle rolling trail, and Mouse's no-nonsense pacing saw us flying along yacking and laughing.

We came across Moonwalker and Mark Trail, who snapped this photo as we paused by a water source to refill. Moonwalker on left, Mouse in yellow, unidentified hiker in black, Seano and Dionysus.

We learned a lot from this former student of mine, as usual. He's a great guy.

The hills and mountains were beautiful and green, with fast-moving low wet clouds curling just over our heads.

The day ended above a horse camp on the edge of the last mountain (for us) looking north across the Mojave Desert to the blue wall of the Tehachapi range of the Sierras.

Standing at the end of the San Gabriel Mountains, we see the Mojave Desert down below, and the Tehachapi Mountains behind them. Photo courtesy of Dirty Brown.

Tomorrow we cross!

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