Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 June - Day 50 - Climbing the Highest US Fourteener Outside Alaska

Climbed Mt Whitney.
PCT miles today: 0
Off-trail miles hiked today: 17.4

Pan here.

Late start. Rubylocks, Calf, & we 3 Gay Caballeros. Ahead of us on the trail were The Donald and Last Minute, among others.

Dionysus and Seano (a ways back) on the way up the mountain.
No wildflowers much except wallflowers and some mountain heath. But what a spectacular 14er. Remarkable!

On the way up Whitney.

Guitar Lake.

Dionysus perched near the top of the mountain.
Bright cloudless day, and not too many people on the Mtn. We summited the 14,500-feet-high beauty quickly. This is my 19th fourteener in the US and easily stands in among the top ranks of mountains for razzle dazzle.

Just one view of gajillions atop Whitney.
Another view from Whitney. In the distance, the Owens Valley and the White Mountains on the border with Nevada.
Nap time on a nice soft rock atop Whitney. Photo courtesy of Rubylocks

Back at the camp where tents crowded under the trees. That's Helicopter with the propeller cap.

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