Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29 - Day 69 - Bridgeport R&R

Zero PCT Miles today.

Pan here. We woke to sunshine on our sleeping bags - a hard, cold night with no one asleep much before midnight meant a little sleep in.

I fixed our coffees from my sleeping bag (us camped in the middle of a dirt road by a scrubby forest meadow). Then we broke camp and packed up. The road below is a remote mountain pass and no cars have passed for some time.

But lo! the first car to come up the road stopped for us: a section-hiker on his way to do Whitney. And he whisked us the 35 miles into town and right to the door of The Ruby Inn, our motel. Angel, indeed.

Here we found boxes waiting that we had shipped to ourselves, and two big soft queen sized beds. It's a shock to us how gloriously and decadently delicious such soft surfaces are. Each time we rediscover them!? Yep.

Breakfast of steak & eggs at the café. Homemade cinnamon roll with shaved almonds and butter. We divided up logistical tasks, got work done, got naps, got more food. Rest!

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