Monday, June 11, 2012

12 June - Day 52 - From the sublime to the ridiculously sublime

From stunning campsite just north of Forester Pass (Mile 782.5) over Glen Pass [11,978 ft] to Middle Rae Lakes (Mile 793.5) [10,587 ft]

Total PCT Trail Miles Hiked Today: 11

Pan here. 

Seano's tent at 5.42 am.

Destination up and over Glen Pass.

Dionysus develops inflamed or strained lower abdominal muscles -- like herniation, but not entirely. His pain level shoots up pretty high - though he's so stoical about it, he just grimly puts up with the pain. We check for appendicitis (nope) and tested out a few solutions. The pain is persistent. No way out of the mountains but to hike or to call in helicopter rescue -- but he's adamant about moving on. Rubylocks (then later Calf) loan him trekking poles to help stabilize himself while hiking. I give him a Percocet. Then onward we go up & over Glen Pass.

Glen Pass

We call an early day at the stunning Rae Lakes -- Chris is wiped out. The five of us set up camp. Dionysus rests for awhile, then Seano, Dionysus, & I swim naked in the crystal waters. The views from the water of glacier-carved peaks all along the lakes into the distance was equal to something from the Canadian Rockies.
Rae Lakes [Seano the photographer]
Dionysus resting his gut muscles in camp.

Story time after supper. Fun chatting together.

Calf, Seano, Dionysus, and Pan during storytime [photo courtesy of Rubylocks].
I discover the benefits of mixing peanut butter into freeze-dried Mountain-House suppers!

Story time interrupted by a stream of hikers returning from Lone Pine and Bishop by way of Kearsarge Pass. We were serenely soaking in the wilderness when up comes Dirty Brown dancing about frenetically and dropping his clothes (a floor show!) & changing to get on longer mosquito-resistant layers. We all laugh. Food in the bear box tonight.

We feel the mosquitoes are ridiculously numerous -- but considering that we are only nested under our rainflies, we probably have much greater mozzie challenges ahead on the trail.

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