Sunday, June 17, 2012

17 June - Day 57 - To VVR (Vermillion Valley Resort)

From Campsite along Bear Creek (Mile 871.8) [9,098 ft] to VVR ferry turnoff (877.3)

Total PCT miles today: 5.5
Total miles: 7.2

Pan here.

After coffee, we 3 Caballeros together with Rubylocks & Calf broke camp very early and headed up trail. We left extra early since Dionysus's groin pull was hurting and we knew it might slow us all up. But he didn't complain. Over the hump we started seeing hemlocks - biggies! - growing on the slopes. Wow! These are monsters compared to their eastern cousins. Also red fir and western white pines.

Dirty Brown caught up with us, but he was headed on to Mammoth, and was skipping VVR.

Got to the ferry dock in morning sunlight in about 3.5 hrs. Waited for ferry. All of us were pretty low energy since we skipped brfst.

Other thru-hikers arrived at the dock. Moonwalker, Mark Trail, Stride, etc.

Ferry came zooming along across the bright blue mountain lake. We climbed aboard and were whisked away to the far end of the lake.

Calf showing off his new shades. Seano on the left, and Rubylocks on the right. [Photo courtesy of Stride]

VVR is a haven for thru-hikers, fishermen, and other campers. It's expensive, but remote with generators for electricity, propane tanks for hot water laundry and showers.

We ate a hearty breakfast (steak & eggs) and had delicious Hefeweizen (beer) with it in celebration. Then we got. A five-bed canvas tent cabin booked.

Rest & relaxation, showers, laundry, napping ...

It must be admitted, watching thru-hikers eat is not pretty. It didn't help that the steak was tough. [Photo courtesy of Rubylocks]
Rubylocks, Pan, Calf, and Dionysus playing "Spit" at VVR.
That evening, we had T-bone steak. Mark Trail and Moonwalker joined us all and provided a bottle of wine! Yum. VVR was full of thru-hikers (even though the "pack" -- the preponderance of thru-hikers -- is still behind us on the trail).

Then we played the card game "Spit," drank beer wine and lots of recuperation for Dionysus.

VVR is thronged with thru-hikers.

Good cheer all around.

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