Tuesday, June 26, 2012

26 June - Day 66 - North over pass after pass

Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp (Mile 948.7) to glaciated granite terrace (Mile 967.5) below Benson Pass.

Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 18.8

Pan here.

• One river ford. No problem (dry foot).
• Lots of blow downs. Pain in the ass.
• Coffee sunrise & tequila sunset (thanks to Dionysus).
• Washed socks & underwear at river.
• Lunch on wooded pass.
• Dinner at wide dry "meadow" sitting on edge of dried creek with thirsty fumbling mosquitoes.

Here we are at dinner time. Seano's the photographer. Mosquitoes are too zippy to be caught on camera. We're suffering from them, but Dionysus's tequila is helping. Coming down the trail behind us is Data (a thru-hiking veteran of the PCT), whom we give a swig of tequila and who would later become a good hiking chum of ours.
Dionysus' gut muscle got sore on the long passes again. My ankle is getting stronger. No trekking poles today.

Seano & Dionysus pick out a granite terrace scoured clean by glaciers, oh, 20,000 years ago or so - with a commanding view of the valley - and all the mountains around sculpted in the same peculiar way: forested pyramids of terraces. Our tent stakes didn't go far here so we jury-rigged anchorage.

Hiding out from moquitoes. What a relief to have the net!! That's solid rock we're camped on. Seano's the photographer.

Mozzies are getting worse and worse. It wears on us to be driven on every time we pause to admire a view, navigate a tricky water crossing, or try to take pictures.. The tents are a relief. Heaven! It seems there is no refuge from everything that wants to snag, bite, sting, chew, or spear us. Except the tent. This is our kid's fort. And it really works!

Every night is a blend of the "lark" of sleeping in the wild, the laughter at its infelicities, and the long hours of toss-and-turn from leg and foot pain. After waking, we soon (more often than not) end up weak with laughter from Seano and Dionysus trading drole observations or commentary on the night.


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