Friday, June 8, 2012

8 June - Day 48 - Higher up & first sight of Whitney

From Monache Meadow Trail Junction (Mile 720.2) to Diaz Creek Camping area (Mile 741.7) [9700 ft elevation]

Total Trail Miles Hiked Today: 21.5

Rubylocks & Calf showed up about 6:30 am as we finished our dbl mocha lattes in the high woods, by the big boulders that served as our cooking shelf.

We crossed several passes today. Some close to 11000 ft elevation -- and some had views of the High Sierras including Mt Whitney!



The southern end of the High Sierras.
Dionysus, Pan, Rubylocks, Calf, and Sidekick ("Seano").
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Looking for water, we came to a large sandy flats with large foxtail pines spaced here & there, and some down dead trunks. Tired!! We plopped down for supper and soon made the decision to call it. It meant big miles tomorrow. The Donald (from Vancouver) & Last Minute (currently from Hawaii) dropped by as we lay in our bags cowboy camping in a wind. Then they were off & we snoozed despite mosquitos.

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