Saturday, June 9, 2012

9 June - Day 49 - "Now the real Sierras start."

Diaz Creek Camping area (Mile 741.7) [9700 ft elevation] to Crabtree Ranger campsite (Mile 767) [10,652 ft]

Total Trail Miles Hiked today: 25.3
Total miles today: 27

With such heavy packs, pounding out the miles really takes its toll.

Day spent high up in sandy cirques, with huge Foxtail pine scattered among the boulders. Bubbling mountain creeks. Views of the high peaks above timberline.

Seano, Pan, and Dionysus

The voice of a Hermit Thrush. Deer in the big meadow. Marmots grazing. Beaver in the amazingly clear creek. Paradise! [Apparently all paradises include mosquitoes. Why? Must be they keep out the riffraff].

Coming into the meadows at the base of Whitney was transcendant. Gorgeous! But we were wiped out.

The descent into the Crabtree Valley that leads up to Whitney.

We set up in woods next to upper meadow, back in the trees so we don't get the heavy dew. The guys who set up in the meadow ended up soaked in the mornings.

We were awkward, stumbling, incoherent. But elated. Especially when we saw that we had a biffy at the campground:

A toilet with a view. Gotta like that.

Tomorrow Mt Whitney!

Some of our PCT friends who are here: The Donald, Last Minute, Mark Trail & Moonwalker. Dirty Brown & Anteater in the meadow below. Rubylocks & Calf still with us.

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