Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 July - Day 80 - Heat, Hills, and the Call of Distant Mt Lassen

From Sierra Buttes Jeep Rd (Mile 1204.4) to Jeep Rd Camp (Mile 1229.8)

Total PCT Miles hiked today: 25.4

Pan here.

Hot day, but our spirits were up and we were in good form for miles.

Skeeters have given way to biting flies, biting deer flies, biting gnats -- we laugh that every frickin' thing out here is sometimes after us (a pine squirrel even dropped a hanging branch at our tent as I watched!!)

Saw Mt Lassen! In the distance to the north, as we crested a higher pass, we could see the pyramid shape of the 10,000+ ft high mountain, with great snowfields (maybe glaciers?) on it. So soon we'll enter the southern end of the Cascade mountain range & leave the Sierras.

By the way, we got to weigh ourselves in Sierra City. Seano is at 160 lbs, less than he has weighed in 30 years. Dionysus weighs 168 -- and at 6'1" he shows the weight loss. I weigh 172, and I love it! Pretty good, all in all. Like many thru-hikers we have seen our metabolisms rise precipitously - and we've seen our thighs and calves grow and harden. The fat reserves on our bodies have diminished quite a bit. We eat a great deal every day, but no matter how much we eat, "full" only lasts a half hour or so. Hungry is our normal state -- but we aren't hurting. And we are strong!

We are at that stage of the hike, it appears, where many hikers nearing the halfway mark become dispirited by how much is left to do. We saw another hiker quit the trail today, and it broke our hearts because we knew how the decision broke his. That's three in the past week. Many others we know are becoming more determined and are "dawdling" less. This is the largest, longest endurance sport event I can imagine. And we are feeling pretty good about it.

Dionysus, Cougar, Moonwalker's daughter, Moonwalker, Mark Trail, and Pan.

All rolling trail on lower mountains today - with the volcanic stamp on them. But as we get further north, and the mountains get lower - and as the summer takes on heft - we feel the growing heat! Yikes.

But every view of Lassen drew us on.

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  1. Hey guys, I have been following you trek the entire way. Once again to tell you that you are my inspiration for PCT2013. I would encourage you 3 to write a book about your adventures. Your writing style is so smooth and enjoyable to read. I will be doing the PCT 2013 mostly alone next year, but I can assure you I will be printing out your blog as one of my must reads as I go. Peace be the rest of your journey. Keep the PICs coming. Thanks again.

    Allan Francis