Saturday, July 21, 2012

21 July - Day 91 - Happy Birthday, Dionysus!

From Ash Camp on McArthur River (Mile 1476) to ridge camp in the woods (Mile 1493)
Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 17

Here's a view in the morning from our camp:

Today we celebrated Dionysus' 26th birthday, the old geezer.

First ripe berries today (blackberry and thimbleberry)! A few blackberries and many thimbleberries. 

Still rolling through the moist river valleys south of Mt Shasta, with towering Douglas-firs and green understory of ferns, dogwood, maples, and poison oak. We wash in and drink from beautiful, bountiful creeks and rivers. We cuss at mosquitoes, biting flies, and midges.

For his birthday Dionysus got a glow-in-the-dark fairy wand, bird cards, and other accessories as stand-ins for his birthday gift: a finely prepared meal in Shasta.

We hightailed it to the tents as a cloud of biting insects moves in our camp -- and soon we were chuckling away as we read Terry Pratchett novels. Birthday tequila helped, natch.

Tomorrow, we hike 11 miles down to the freeway, where we must find a ride into the town of Mt. Shasta, for a resupply and for rest & relaxation (we'll be there 7/22 and 7/23). Yay!

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  1. We rolled into Sault Ste Marie on our own little odyssey this morning, a circle tour of Lake Superior, motorized, nothing as fantastic as yours. We found a nice little wayside cabin and sat down with our computers to catch up on your adventures. Thanks for the posts, we enjoy them so.