Sunday, July 15, 2012

15 July - Day 85 - Sprint into Lassen

From Hwy 36 at Chester (Mile 1335.2) to Drakesbad Guest Ranch (Mile 1353.6)

Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 18.4

Pan here.

After a grand feast of a breakfast, we packed up.

Packing up on our Trail Angel's back patio. [Photo courtesy of Piper's Mom]

Trail Angels Extraordinaire!! The fabulous Piper's Mom with her hubby, Lowell, surrounded by Seano, Calf, and Dionysus. 
Piper's Mom took us on errands around town so we could resupply, then dropped us at the trailhead.

At the trailhead to Lassen. [Photo courtesy of Piper's Mom]

At the PCT trailhead outside of Chester. [Photo courtesy of Piper's Mom]

Dionysus with Calf at the PCT trailhead outside of Chester. [Photo courtesy of Piper's Mom].
At the trailhead, we saw Freebird coming in. I think Piper's Mom gave him a ride into town. Later that day (unknown to us until later), Rubylocks, REM, Last Minute, Helicopter, Scrambled Leggs, and Moss arrived at the trail crossing.

We hiked the 18.4 miles into Lassen National Park through beautiful pine [so much Coulter pine!] and fir forest today. I did it on 1.5 liters of water and a banana. Apparently our dear hosts powered us up calorie-wise in a major way!! Amazing.

Views of Mt. Lassen drew us on into the National Park.

I got to Drakesbad Guest Ranch in the park just as the dinner bell rang. I got all three of us signed up for supper. Seano and Dionysus arrived later, and I had beer waiting. A long table full of about 16 thru-hikers were also waiting outside the restaurant. Drakesbad brought us out platters of food (just $10) after their guests had eaten.

Pan is enjoying his second beer as Dionysus and Seano await theirs.  Some of the thru-hikers: on the left, One Pole, Beardoh!, and Wolfpack. On the right beyond Pan: Big Bird and Jeremiah Johnson. Calf is further down on the right.

Then we hiked off the resort grounds and set up camp in the National Park, then returned for free showers (and cotton towels!) and the use of their hot springs until 10 pm. Qball and Beardoh! were already there soaking. Perfect therapy for sore, muscle-roasted legs.

Later, during the late night, I awoke to see high clouds moving in from the west obscuring stars. Clouds? After weeks of sun, is the weather changing?

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