Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8 - Day 78 - Down, down, down to Sierra City

From a camp on wooded ridge (Mile 1177.7) to Sierra City (Mile 1197.5) [3921 ft elevation]

PCT Miles Hiked Today: 19.8

Sierra City, our target today, is at the base of that mountain, Sierra Buttes.

From close to 8000 ft elevation, we descended more than 4000 ft to the deep cleft valley -- full of tall cedars and pines -- of the small erstwhile mining town (200+ population) of Sierra City.

Architecture here picks up mining and log cabin themes.

We hung out at the wonderful establishment "The Red Moose" run by Trail Angels Bill & Margaret Price. Free laundry, shower, computer/Internet use, etc. THANK YOU!!! Beer, supper, etc. wow!

Lunch was the "gut buster burger" at the local general store. Great folks helping us out in Sierra City.

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  1. While you were hiking the last few days, I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed. She hiked as far as the Oregon-Washington border, and yes, she stopped at Sierra City. As I finished the book, it occurred to me that I passed you guys on the trail...kind of.