Thursday, July 19, 2012

18 July - Day 88 - Trudging footsore across volcano effluvia

From Cache 22 on Hat Creek Rim (Mile 1397.8) to McArthur-Burney Memorial State Park (Mile 1423.5)

Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 25.7

Pan here.

We are now averaging 21.2 miles per day. That's good! That means our daily distances are big enough so that the lower mileage we make on resupply days doesn't pull us down.

The lava walking is hard on our feet -- though we're still grateful for cooler temperatures than the norm this time of year.

We zoomed along across what seemed African savannah in Lassen National Forest ...

Passed the 1400-mile-marker.

... until we got back into wooded and greener mountains. Views of Mt Shasta continue to bring us to a stop, pointing to the north and exclaiming "Lookit that!"

And at Burney Falls we found ourselves in a huge wooded state campground crowded with tourists -- campers, motorbikes, tents, cabins, etc. We bought a six-pack of Shock Top Belgian wheat beer and ate sandwiches and hot dogs on a picnic table (ooooh, picnic table!)

I arranged for a bunkbed cabin for us and even talked the girl at the counter into bringing around the golf cart to give us a lift to the cabin with our packs on the back. Her boss objected -- and then I talked her into it, too. Whew.

Seano, lean and serene at the campground cabin.
Seano's legs, feet, and shoes. This is our reality!
Seano's brown arms -- and dehydrated skinny hands.

We then we ate some more, got showered (coin slot shower -- keep feeding it!), washed our socks & underwear in the bathroom sinks (how the kids stare at scrawny, bearded, shabby men in stinky shirts with holes doing laundry in public sinks. Can't imagine why.)

To bed!

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