Thursday, July 12, 2012

12 July - Day 82 - Got to catch up on postings

From saddle above Middle Fork of the Feather River (1251.9) to Chimney Creek (Mile 1280)

Total PCT Miles hiked today: 28.1

Hiked up and up the mountain - and then took the Buck's Lake alternate (miles of road-walking) into a small small town, where we were hosted by the owner of Buck's Lodge to free beer.

The bartender's girlfriend loaded us in the back of a covered pickup, and drove us to the resort on the beautiful mountain lake. There we ate and drank at the bar with a panoramic view. In fact, thru-hikers took over the bar. Families, on the other hand, sat on the patio.

From left to right: Cougar, Dionysus, and Data. [Photo courtesy of Jeremiah Johnson]

Doing festive shots on a ski: Jeremiah Johnson, Wolfpack, Qball, and Beardoh! [photo courtesy of Qball]

Outside the resort, the packs of thru-hikers patiently wait in the sun. We still have miles to go ....

The manager of the resort loaded us up in the back of his pickup -- more than a dozen hikers with packs! And he drove us to the trailhead.

Calf, Cougar, Pan, and Seano in the pickup. [Photo courtesy of Calf]
Seano, Mark Trail, Data, Dionysus, and Beardoh! [photo courtesy of Jeremiah Johnson]

Lots of miles that day still, Calf hiked with us up and over a mountain, then another, then we set up camp at Chimney Creek. Heaps of mozzies! Data came and set up his tarp across the trail. That night a bear dropped by our camp according to Data, who shooed him away.

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