Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5 - Day 75 - North on the Tahoe Rim Trail

From Heather Lake (Mile 1102.6) to Barker Pass (Mile 1126.8)

Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 24.2

Pan here.

Why was it such a hard day today? All three of us huffed & puffed up & down, marching across the pine-mountains landscape today -- not unlike many other days -- yet we ended up feeling beaten up. It's a mystery.

Of course, this would be a different journal entirely if we made our entries in the morning, after hot coffee and kekjes. Instead, we scribble this with our thumbs on the iPhone screen at the end of the day, aching, sore, and stupid from exhaustion. Sometimes not much sparkle, eh? Well, our days definitely sparkle - and we do, too (especially Seano and Dionysus). Laughter & high spirits definitely mark the first half of the day. Later, the toll of the day keeps us concentrating on where we're putting our feet, and managing the weight of the packs as we hike, hike, hike. Then if we don't find a campsite, we keep on ... And on.

Sometimes it takes a few extra miles to find a flat spot for our tents ... And if it's been long day already, ooooh those last miles stretch out. Argh!

Heather Lake is in the Desolation Wilderness and has all the hallmarks of a high altitude mountain lake - though it isn't that high. But so lovely. And so many mozzies.

We made good miles today wandering up passes and down, past stunning scenery. We are being driven on by the growing realization the summer is on and we have a long way to go still.

The Gay Caballeros at the turnoff to Dicks Lake (this photo was for Richard "Dick" Olson, whom we sent a copy to).

Dionysus with his staple Pringles.

We are always held in the tension between the need to enjoy the moment and need to keep the legs in motion.

By the way, the connectivity has been bad so photos get to be added later. (Sorry). G'nite.

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