Monday, September 10, 2012

10 September - Day 140 - Mist, Rain, Mountains & Frozen Feet

Campsite above Waptus Lake (Mile 2441) to ridgetop campsite above Trap Lake (2463.7)

PCT Miles today: 22.7

Pan here. What a day of moody marvelous mountains --snow, sleet, freezing cloud, sunshine, wind-- steep crags we traversed, and raging snow-fed mountain rivers.

Dionysus here. Another magical moody hike. The clouds hung low all day long as we traversed several big climbs up to craggy passes through hemlock and fir. For much of the hike the clouds whirred around us leaving a trail of dew that absolutely covered the understory - pretty, really pretty, but It means sopping wet legs and feet. Then it rained and rained and at the top of the passes it snowed and deleted and the clouds just froze to the trees. Then the clouds would open briefly to a pristine patch of blue clarity just long enough for the clouds to rearrange themselves and it would rain and rain and sleet and rain and rain. Snowy peaks!

Wow. What a climate to produce that kind of moisture and variation in September. When we finally did find a camp platz on top of a ridge the whole tent and everything froze solid.

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