Thursday, September 13, 2012

13 September - Day 143 - Farewell Rainier, Hello Glacier Peak

From campsite at Lake Janus (Mile 2485.6) to Kodak Peak ridge (2508.1)

Total PCT Miles: 23.5

Passed the 2500 mile mark! Here we sing a little bit for Knutella, Nightingail, and Train (who hiked the PCT every day in a wedding gown -- he went through a couple of dozen by the end of the PCT).

2500 miles so far!
Train resting by the 2500-mile marker.

Dionysus and Pan joke with Nightingail and Knutella. This was after we sang some songs.

Glacier Peak is getting closer. What a volcano! Too bad its in a haze from wildfires to the east.

Haze from the Wenatchee Fire.

Dionysus's foot is increasingly painful. We think he has a stress fracture -- plus a broke toe. But he's stoical as ever, and so we march on.

The mountains are lovely in autumn -- and during this unseasonably warm dry weather. We hike toward Glacier Peak - and begin "turning" it -- that is, by our legs moving us along the mountain itself turns.

We hike near Knutella and Nightingail -- so we swap many boasts about Norwegians. :-)

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