Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 September - Day 142 - Starting the last 187 miles

From Stevens Pass/Skykomish (Mile 2476) to campsite at Lake Janus (Mile 2485.6)

Total PCT Miles: 9.6

Took our time assembling our resupply and rolling out of the Dinsmores. It was a fun place to stay. They have a sprawling property and we set up under a grove of massive cedar trees.

We are so much slower in and out of towns than we used to be. It is a serious uphill battle to find the umph to get out of the vortex. In many ways we would rather read the newspaper and eat back to back lunches than make a quick return to be trail. We also now walk like semi decayed zombies in town.

After an extensive late breakfast we hitched back to the pass.

Dionysus demonstrating his ingenious hitch-hiking identifier (no, we're not homeless -- we're PCT hikers).

Our luck held and we had a hitch in five minutes. Our driver Jim worked for Cascadia Designs so we passed on our gratitude for our glorious sleeping pads.

When we finally got back to the trail all of us were pretty wobbly. Our legs just aren't what they used to be. So we decided to make it an early night rather than overextend and burn ourselves out at the beginning of a tough section.

The smoke from the fire in the Wenatchee National Forest to the west is hazing the mountain views. Giant Glacier Peak and distant Mt Baker -- that point the way north for us -- are dimmed. What a terrible year for fire for the PCT.

Glacier Peak obscured by smoke. Our trail goes right over to the mountain and then circles around it on the left side.

Glacier Peak.

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