Monday, September 17, 2012

17 September - Day 147 - Zero in Stehekin

Breakfast at the Ranch was epic.

Afterwards, we caught the bus in -- and it already had thru-hikers in it: the Love Train, most of whom we hadn't met. Moss was on board, and other chums of the trail.

We paused at the organic farm where many bought veggies, fruit, and goat yogurt.

Then we stopped at the bakery. Heavenly.

Then the bus dropped us off in front of the Landing, past the post office.

We hung out today down at the landing on Lake Chelan where we got to say "Bon voyage" to other thru-hikers just leaving for the last leg of the trail -- and "hello" to more thru-hikers arriving.

On Lake Chelan at Stehekin. Dionysus is watching a plane take off.
We picked up our last supply boxes at the Post Office -- lonnnnnnng wait, as the boxes were piled floor-to-ceiling, and the rest were in the attic, as far as I could tell. Got to visit with trail buddies while we waited. The postmaster, I swear, is Odin (white beard, patch over one eye, etc.) -- and the trickster definitely was at play as we waited and waited.

We got to spend time visiting with Chili and Pepper, the father/son thru-hiking duo whom we've hiked with and around for a long time. What an impressive pair.

We sat out in the evening by the lake and drank wine with many thru-hikers -- the big group (called "The Love Train") whom we'd just met (including Hallmark, Yankee Son, Snausage, Mufasa, Honey Bear, Spud and several more) and others who were old chums (like Moss, Gariliet, Scarecaw, etc.). We even sang a few songs (blame the wine that Hallmark and Yankee Son forced us to drink)...

The Caballeros singing on the banks of Lake Chelan. [Photo courtesy of Moss].
Us singing, with Lake Chelan in the background. Smoke haze in the evening from another wildfire. [Photo courtesy of Moss].
Dionysus (right) enjoying the view down Lake Chelan with Honey Bear, Gariliete, Cookie, and [i always forget his trail name; have hiked by him since Ziggy & the Bear's place]. [Photo courtesy of Freebird].

Moss, Dionysus, and Seano in the foreground. Most of the "Love Train" in the background. Pan at far end of table. [Photo courtesy of Freebird]

Dinner afterwards at the Landing and we had a hilarious time.

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