Friday, September 21, 2012

21 Sept -photo finish

On our way to the Northern Terminus, we bump into Anchorman and Imperial Gourmet, who had completed the PCT and were on their way back southbound to exit the PCT in the US rather than go out through Canada.

That line of cleared trees running over the mountains through the woods is the US/Canada border. We're close!

Waiting for us at the Northern Terminus is a crowd of fabulous thru-hikers we'd been with since Stehekin. They cheered and clapped for us as we crossed the border.

The three of us on the Northern Terminus of the PCT. The obelisk to the right is the marker of the US/Canada border.

I'm adding our names to the provisional register. Apparently someone a week or two earlier had made off with the official ledger. Arrgh.

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