Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 September - Day 136 - Loving the Pacific Northwest

From Urich Cabin (Mile 2355.7) to makeshift camp beyond spring (Mile 2379.4)

Total PCT Miles: 23.7

Sevda hiked with us today. She's such cheery company - plus is a wealth of knowledge on local flora & fauna -- a big plus for us.

We hiked through logged hills -- weaving in and out through patches of older and newer timber. And the huckleberries today were fabulous. We couldn't resist. We had blue-stained teeth and lips most of the day.

Wind in the east brought smoke haze over the Cascades. A fire near Yakima (& another in Idaho?) back behind us and to the east. What a combustible year.

Much conversation among us while hiking about how awesome it might be to live in Seattle. What a culture for adventure the city apparently shares with Colorado. The Olympics, the Sound, the Cascades, Mt Rainier -- the city is surrounded by wild beauty.

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