Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 September - Day 149 - Another hot day between glories

From campsite below Cutthroat Pass in Mt Baker National Forest (Mile 2603.2) at elevation 6162 ft down along creek/river bottom land back up over Glacier Pass to campsite by spring (Mile 2624.3)

Total PCT Miles today: 21.1

Stunning high country scenery of larches turning chartreuse then yellow. What colors! And what peaks and peaks and peaks. Shining sun and clear skies.

Pan and Dionysus. Seano is the photographer for most of the rest of the trip.
That's us on the trail -- what you can't tell easily is how steep the slope is.

Autumn larches. Beautiful!

Midday temperatures atop the mountains is comfy, while in the low creeks and the woods it gets stuffy and warm in the upper 80s. Crazy. We know we are very lucky not to be up to our nipples in mud, mist, rain and clouds - as is more usual this time of year.

We hike among other thru-hikers --like Spud, Honey Bear, Cookie & Oasis.

At the campsite among larches, we save a place for Chili & Pepper -- the Dad & Son duo. Chili's 13 and holding up well despite a long bout of shin splints.

Soon, many other hikers camped around us until our clearing in the larches slept 12.

The PCT cuts across the mountain top in the upper right and into the saddle between the peaks. That's where we're headed.

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