Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Aug - Day 109 - Twenty to lunch.

From flat space among firs beside trail beyond Honeymoon Creek (Mile 1810.6) to Mazama Village Campground at Crater Lake (Mile 1830.6)

Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 20

On and on -- the morning we passed through a large burn.

You can see the beginning regeneration. But it baffled us why so many thru-hikers kept having campfires night after night, when they didn't need them, and when the landscape behind us was burning ... and this scarred landscape was not unusual.


Hiking through.

Fireweed adding color to the silvery-white trunks.

By 1 o'clock in the afternoon we banged out 20 miles -- much to the outrage of our feet. But we were out of food and could hear in our imaginations the "all you can eat" buffet at the restaurant in Mazama Village calling us. As it turned out, no more AYCE buffets there. But the beer came in a very civilized 23 oz glasses, so we made up for sore feet by imbibing. [Why we never remember to take photos of our plates and restaurants is a testament to our feverish chowing-down. But ooooh, how we should have photographed the meals. They meant so much to us. Every time!]

The campground was full which would mean we'd have more miles of trail taking us away from laundry and showers. Two unimaginative assistant managers confirmed we were must emphatically out of luck. But I took the manager aside, and we had a very congenial conversation, and soon he found us a beautiful spacious campsite. [My students at the university call this my "Jedi mind trick." It's just good rhetoric, really.]

I showered -- with Tide detergent as my soap, no less -- then headed to the laundry, while Dionysus and Seano set up camp and got their resupply boxes.

Rest and eating, and rest and eating, and rest and eating the rest of the day. We'll get up to the rim tomorrow - it's 5 miles from here. Tomorrow we'll be hiking right along the rim with vews, views, views. Seems to be smoke on the horizon. Is there a fire nearby?

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