Friday, August 3, 2012

Revised 3-4-5 Aug - Days 102-104- Recuperating and Resting

Total PCT Miles Hiked: 0

Pan here. The antibiotics are taking effect. My old bod in its much depleted condition seems to be taking illness rather peevishly. Bitch!

We had planned on two zero days with Scott and Diane in Ashland -- but as I was slow to heal, we addedr another day. But since all of us are impressed with Ashland (what a civilized city), it's our pleasure to linger and savor.

Mornings saw us downtown eating well at Greenleaf or at Deux Chats bakery. Afternoons often involved resting. Evenings had us piled into the Corls' room watching the Olympics, and drinking Shock Top Hef. Verrrrry nice.

We also got to take Scott and Diane out to see HENRY V at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Impressive!

KUDOS to Scott and Diane for their cheerful patience with our standard PCT Thru-hiker decompression issues when we reach a town. While hikers all know about this and generally give each other wide berth for the first several hours in town, "civilians" don't often get to really see it firsthand. Scott and Diane showered us with such grace, care, generosity, and gentle consideration. THANK YOU!

Here's a pic of Dionysus wearing his magna cum laude medal and holding his diploma. His parents brought them along since he hadn't seen them yet. We were in the San Diego Airport on April 20 about to start the PCT when we learned of Dionysus being awarded the magna cum laude. It was fun to celebrate with his folks who are justifiably button-popping proud. [wooops -- the coverage here is poor, so we can't post the photo. Argh.

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