Monday, August 13, 2012

13 August - Day 112 - Trail Magic & then a beach

From Maidu Lake (Mile 1871.3) to Windigo Pass on Forest Rd 60 (Mile 1884) to Crescent Lake Campground (alternate mile 8.9)

Total PCT Miles + alternate hiked today: 21.6

As we hiked up to Forest Rd 60, we were delighted to meet Steady, a thru-hiker from Tulsa and her husband doling out trail magic from their pickup. Subway sandwiches, cold sodas, chips, cookies, brownies and more!! Wowie! We thought w had left trail magic behind ~~ what a gracious and generous pair. The three of us sang "O Shenandoah" by way of saying thank you, and our hosts were pleased.

We hiked the hot and dusty alternate route, and eventually got to Crescent Lake campground -- an RV campground with a beach on the lake. Several other thru-hikers stayed here.

While we ate, helicopters came zooming in at the lake with firefighting buckets hanging from them. They dipped them into the lake and flew off -- but not far. We could see smoke in the woods not more than a couple of miles away.

After dinner, Dionysus and I joined Tony, a Belgian thru-hiker, in swimming in the lake. Sooooo refreshing -- and an apt substitute for a bath.

The night closed with he three of us laughing aloud over and over from our sleeping bags as we read our respective Pratchett novels.


PS. We camped among RVs -- not our first time. And we've tentatively come up with what seems to us to be a corollary. There seems to be an inverse relationship between the size of the US flag an RV camper hangs from his portable flagpole, and general friendliness. The bigger the flag, the greater the likelihood the camper will be surly and hostile. At least toward hikers.

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