Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Aug - Day 108 - Volcanoes

!From creek beside Highway 104 (Mile 1780.6) to flat space among firs beside trail beyond Honeymoon Creek (Mile 1810.6)

Total PCT Miles Hiked today: 30

Pan here.

Last views of Shasta, beautiful east and north views of Mt McLaughlin, views of Crater Lake, and in the great distance beyond many cone-shaped mountains, extinct Mt Thielsen.

Long miles through relatively even terrain in the fir forest atop the Cascsdes. Then toward the last third, several climbs onto sheer volcanic rim slopes with outstanding views.

Last two days our feet have been hurting -- that is, more than is usual. But today we girded our dusty loins for a big day, since we needed to get lots closer to Crater Lake. So it was a lonnnng day.

We feel we are less strong than we were in the Sierras (Seano and I, that is; Dionysus may well be as strong as ever). We hear this from other thru-hikers -- especially the veterans of the PCT. We seem to be wearing thinner -- or leaner. We walk on feet becoming bony. We arrive at national park campgrounds not walking tall and mighty, strapping thru-hikers with muscles of iron. We shamble in like refugees or prisoners of war. Yes, our legs are strong -- but strong like jerky or like the scrawny wiry legs of free-range chickens. Poor eatin' on them legs.

Passed 1800 mile mark! How these hundred-mile markers seem to speed by now.

On the trail today we met Chris from Philly, who was a real pleasure to visit with. Intelligent conversation about many things other than gear and food. (Yay). When we introduced ourselves as the 3 Gay Caballeros, he chuckled and said: "At last I get to meet you. I've been hearing about you for a thousand miles." [It's not the first time thru-hikers have told us that ... and we always are shocked. Why would anyone "hear" about us? We feel to be pretty dull hikers.]

We hike into the dark, and set up tents while getting zinged and re-zinged by mosquitoes. Ugh. We all collapse into sleeping bags pretty worn out.

Tomorrow: a 20-mile sprint into Mazama Campground at Crater Lake. (My aching feet!)

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