Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 August - Day 113 - Lakeside interlude between green shaggy forests

From Crescent Lake Campground (alternate mile 8.9) to Lower Rosary Lake (Mile 1917.3)

Total Miles Hiked: 18

Dionysus here.

Woke this morning at our beautiful campground at Crescent Lake and set out for a 12-mile hike to Shelter Cove Resort, where we can do laundry, showers, and we have a resupply box waiting for us. Finding the proper trail out of the campground was a trick. But after wandering around for an hour or so on roads and trails which only partially conformed to our maps we finally found the trail we needed.

We wound around through a series of small lakes and argued with the ├╝ber dusty track and persistent bugs the whole way. Then about a mile out from the cove we dropped into a lovely creek valley and the track turned to soft pack duff the mozzies disappeared and the trees and understory filled with moss and vibrant green lichen. What a surprising and abrupt change in what has been a very consistent forest landscape.

It was so good to shower at Shelter Cove! The water only turned on for three minute intervals, so you had to be really quick about it, but gods! to be clean again! We did all our logistics pretty quickly then waited for electronics to charge over a few beers and microwaved queso dip. It was heaven, but it made getting up to leave rather more difficult.

When we finally pried free from the vortex there, we made a short few miles and set up camp at beautiful Rosary Lake. A nice easy day.

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