Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 August - Day 129 - Thru endless woods to a lonely road

From Blue Lake (Mile 2214) to Road 23 (Mile 2237.5)

PCT Miles today: 23.5

Long day in the "long green tunnel" of these woods here. Gotta catch up on log entries, so will keep this brief.

We arrived at Road 23 very tired, sweaty, stinky, and in a foul mood. The last 5 miles up and up were hard on us.

This was where we're supposed to hitch into the town of Trout Lake for resupply. But it's a remote forest road with zero traffic. We wondered how long before the first car. As we took off our shirts to strategically scrub with Wet Wipes, around the bend comes an SUV. Seano stuck his thumb out and hissed at us "put your shirts back on!" and lo! The driver stopped. How about that?! Our angel got all three of us in and drove us cheerfully the 13 miles into town. He's a hiker, and knows all about the PCT. We were soooo grateful.

Dropped us off at the Chevron w/ attached diner. What great baked goods there! Fresh huckleberry milkshakes! Carrot cake! So we phoned the B&B and got special PCT rates, then ate a big meal, more dessert, then over to the little grocery where our resupply box was waiting ...

... then we waddled and hobbled our hiker hobble over to the B&B, where lovely accommodations awaited us. Hot showers! Laundry! Cotton sheets and towels!

For comic relief, we ended the evening watching the Republican Convention, with Rubio & Romney giving speeches.

We were hungry again not two hours after supper (normal for us) and really wished we'd brought  food from the diner. *sigh*

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