Monday, August 20, 2012

20 August - Day 119- marching toward Jefferson

From cowboy camp along trail on mountain ridge (Mile 2011.5) to Milky Creek (Mile 2035.5) on the slopes of Mt Jefferson.

Total PCT Miles hiked today: 24

Sean-o here.

We got a late start today as we took care of a few biz matters via cell and smart phones at last night's campsite. But once we got moving we covered a lot of ground, crossing beneath the big hand of Three-Fingered Jack ...
Dionysus and Seano on the slopes of Three-Fingered Jack.

before turning toward the impressive shape of Mt. Jefferson. We noticed the narrow plume of what looked like might be a new fire; then later in the day we saw the smoke of the Waterfalls 2 fire rising over Mt. Jeff's massive shoulder.
Tomorrow we'll reach the point of departure for the fire reroute. We can see the smoke beyond the mountain.

After a long descent, we found exactly two small tent sites carved into the head-high maples and alders a long stone's throw from Milky Creek. Beautiful sunset tonight, both in the high clouds to the west and on the dark red and brown face of the mountain above us. After several "wows!" Dionysus finally stopped setting up the tent and sat down to watch.

Another good day ...

Oregon has given us her best shows.

Been thinking a lot about the nature of the trail and the sense I have of its implacability. It cannot be rushed or muscled or pushed. Best made plans for speed or to hurry up for town food or trail magic is often foiled by unforeseen elevation gains or trail of lava rocks that leave us stumbling over invisible obstacles that we refer to as "ninja roots" or "ninja rocks." The trail largely dictates our progress, which on really fast days unrolls at 3 mph. It has been brilliant to live life at that pace for this time and give the trail the respect it's due as well as our affection.

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