Thursday, August 16, 2012

16 August - Day 115 - Marathon between fires

From Taylor Lake (Mile 1936.8) to Koosah Mountain (Mile 1965)

Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 28.2

Pan here.

Sunrise from our campsite at Taylor Lake.

Behind us, the fires are keeping PCT hikers from entering this section. Ahead, at mile 2044 there's a 21-mile reroute to detour around a out 10 miles of PCT trail that's closed from the Ollalie fire. Yuck.

But we have to get to Sisters day after tomorrow - and manage the 15-mile hitch both ways - to resupply and hop back on the trail. We hope to reach Cascade Locks on the Oregon/Washington border by Aug. 24, a week from tomorrow. So we zooooomed today (ouch) and made 28+ miles by 6pm. Woah! That's more like our pre-Ashland mileage. [ever since my 4-day bout with fever and diarrhea, I've been just able to grind out 20 miles: my feet have gotten thin and bony].

Quiet weather today, as usual. And the sunlight coming through the trees remained tinged with rose-orange all day. The sky is thinly washed in smoke.

Now we're sitting pretty atop the cone of Koosah Mountain, where thru-hikers have cleared the lava rock so two tents can just fit, with panoramic views from west around to southeast. The Cascades roll in blue-shaded layers in all directions - with cone shapes predominating. To the east is the snow-streaked volcano, Bachelor Peak. To the northeast is the southernmost of the Three Sisters -- much higher with considerably more snow. We see lakes tucked in the folds of the wooded mountains down below. But all is silent here. And the sun is going down a hot tangerine color.

We should have good stars tonight - and more shooting stars like last night.

PS. On a somber note, yesterday we stopped by Charlton Lake to pay our respects to AsABat, the veteran PCT hiker whose body was discovered here last week. He was a year younger than I, and apparently died of natural causes. He contributed so much energy and creativity to the PCT and will be sorely missed.

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