Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August - Day 127 - Putt-putt up our first Washington Cascades mountains.

From Snag Creek Trail (Mile 2174.6) to campsite (Mile 2194.5)

PCT Miles today: 20.1

Dionysus here.

The landscape has changed again so abruptly. Once we crossed the gorge we entered a crazy lush forest of ferns and moss and berries. The trees are all wrapped up with moss and lichen. The understory is full and fat with life And the ground is evidence of the vast amount of water that flows across these hills during the snow melt. But everywhere is green green green.

Oregon Grape

Red Huckleberry

Booze God on a bridge.

Seano towering in the forest.

It's funny that we don't seem to be moving much. We got a couple nice viewpoints from on top of ridgelines today and every time we could see right over not far to the Gorge we left days ago. Weird. We must be moving parallel to the gorge.

And by the way, the climbs are kicking our butts. After the Sierras I didn't think that possible, but apparently we got soft again in Oregon. Or maybe in our case we got skeletal - nothin soft on us anymore: you can count the ribs with a finger. But suddenly it's a 1000 ft climb here, and 2000 there. We had two big ones today.

Oh well, beautiful forest and the water sources are exquisite up here.

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