Wednesday, August 22, 2012

22 August - Day 121 - Long flat woods

From Jude Lake (Mile 2057.6) in Mt Hood National Forest to horse campground on Forest Rd 57 (Mile 2083)

Total PCT Miles hiked today: 25.4

Cold morning -- in the 40s. Even the lake thinks so - its surface is fuzzy with morning mist.

After I fix coffee we break camp and make our way through the quiet woods. No PCT hikers anywhere. The rerouted reroute a the last minute must have blocked them. We read it's now a 48-mile detour. But conditions are changing so fast (administrative decisions at the Forest Service, that is), we think it best to go, go, go northward and get away from any further possibilities of closures.

Long day in quiet woods. Almost no views of Hood. The huckleberry leaves are turning color. Oregon Grape is here and there starting to go crimson. We see the occasional Canada Jay, Stellar's Jay, Osprey, juncos, Western Tanager, but no voices except for the little Douglass's squirrel.

We reach a horse campground, where a few rigs and horses are staying. Not many though. Nice to have a picnic table to cook on!


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