Thursday, August 23, 2012

23 August - Day 122 -Toward Mt Hood All Day

From Forest Rd 57 (Mile 2083) to campsite above Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood (Mile 2107.3)

Total PCT Miles hiked today: 24.3

Cold day. Steady damp wind from the Pacific. Wore jackets all day. Some amazing views as we approached Hood! Astonishing the height and glaciers!

We passed the 2100 mile mark! And no thru-hikers anywhere.

Last mile hard going. Blowing lava dust, sand, exposed to gale-force gusts. Ugh. But Timberline lodge was fantastic. Set above the trees on the dramatic sides of Mt Hood with glaciers above and nearby. Great architecture. Great people. Fantastic food and drink (what a blessed change). We'll camp in the winds outside (no room at the inn, alas -- with the "Hood to Coast Relay Race" taking place here). Then be back for the legendary breakfast, before we start our two day hike to the Columbia River and the Washington border.

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