Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 Aug - Day 106 - Easygoing

From pond and spring (Mile 1738.7) to Klum Landing Campground on Howard Prairie Reservoir (Mile 1758)

Total PCT Miles Hiked Today: 19.3

Dionysus here.

We took it slow and easy today. Despite our several zeros in Ashland we are still feeling tuckered out. Since we had a great campsite we just took our time getting up and out this morning. Our camp overlooked a small pond with birds and dragonflies swooshing over the surface. We took a slow coffee and breakfast over sunrise and traded stories about the crazy coyote activity the night before. (A big group of them was howling in round - an inhuman and uncanny noise.)

Heading north.

We continued our gentle approach to the day by hiking a mile off trail to a little restaurant called the Green Springs Inn. We had late breakfast/lunch there. They made real sourdough hot cakes and served them with real maple syrup! Something we couldn't get in Eastern California. I'm liking Oregon so far.

After getting back on trail we spent the rest of the day skirting the banks of a series of lakes. We finally rested at a beautiful camp on the side of one. We settled in at the picnic table with some tequila for sunset and the glamour on the lake. It was a really great site.

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