Friday, August 17, 2012

17 August - Day 116 - Out of the woods and into mountain glory

From Koosah Mountain (Mile 1965) to McKenzie Pass (Mile 1989.5)

Total PCT Miles hiked today: 24.5
Total miles hiked today: 26

Dionysus here.

What views as we hiked past all three Sisters today -

And then saw to the north the extinct volcanoes of Mt Washington, Three-fingered Jack, and slumbering snowy Mt Jefferson -- all pointy & peaky, like a Tolkien sketch of the Lonely Mountain.

In and out of lava fields, glacier melt creeks and glissadable snow fields. We passed through about two miles in which black glassy obsidian covered everything - it was in the creeks and waterfalls, the high cliff faces above the trail, we were walking on it for the gods' sake.

Later as we were approaching the end of the day we ran into some trail magic as we went for water. Pocahontas and Leg-o-saurus, who hiked in 96, were set up in a campsite making dinner for hikers. I got grilled cheese, chili, all the hostess snacks I could stuff in my mouth and fresh delicious watermelon. We sang for them as a thank you, they loved it (and videotaped it for YouTube!?) almost as much as we loved their magic. Thanks again you two.

We had grand plans of hiking on from there another big chunk but instead we hiked a couple miles to the road through a lava field, arrived as night set in, saw the lava stretched a ways more and called it. It was a wild and wacky camp site off the side of the road in the only flat spots in the whole black pumice filled crater. I slept well though, despite the cars driving by and the great light-show of a thunderstorm to the west in the early hours.

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